Holistic Treatments

AromatherapyAromatherapy is the use of pure, essential plant oils to promote health and well-being. Oils are absorbed steadily through the skin or they can have an immediate effect on mood through the sense of smell. The oils are professionally blended to suit the needs of individual clients. Full Body £63.00

Full Body and Facial £68.00

​ReflexologyReflexology is an ancient system of healing based on the principle that reflex points on the foot are linked to specific areas of the body. It is useful for all stress related conditions but more specifically for headaches, migraine, digestive, circulatory and respiratory conditions, PMS, insomnia, sinusitis and arthritis. Client remains fully clothed.


ReikiUsui Reiki works on the bodys chakras and meridians similar to acupuncture points and thereby stimulates the immune system, reduces anxiety and tension, increases circulation thus helping to alleviate symptoms and improve general health. Client remains fully clothed.£42.00
Hopi Ear CandlingThis is an ideal treatment for sufferers of sinus congestion, excessive ear wax, tinnitus, lymphatic congestion, swollen glands, snoring, vertigo, balance problems, headaches and allergy symptoms. Helps to relax and calm and improve alertness and concentration. The treatment concludes with a light facial lymphatic drainage massage.Client remains fully clothed. NOT suitable for people with perforated eardrums or grommets inserted.£34.00
Hot Stone TherapyWarmed basalt stones are placed under the body and on top of the body as well as being guided over the skins surface to help relieve muscular aches and pains and induce deep relaxation.Stone massages are gentle compared to deep tissue massage but share the same benefits. Designed to improve circulation, relieve stress and promote a sense of well being.

Full Body £70.00

Back, Neck and Shoulders £45.00

Indian Head Massage ​​This is a wonderfully relaxing therapy that can provide relief from aches, pains, stress related symptoms and insomnia. It can soothe, comfort and give a deep sense of peace, calm and tranquillity. ​​£36.00